According to SugarScape, our Four has been cast as Alex Pettyfer. We don’t know how reliable this source is and we haven’t heard anything from Summit so we can still consider this a rumor. This is what the article at SugarScape has to say:

We’ve been waiting EARNESTLY for Veronica Roth to release the next book in her amazing Divergent series, having read btoh Divergent and Insurgent, we’ve been biting our tongues in anticipation for the third and final book.

Detergent? Convergent? Emergent? WHO THE FRICK KNOWS, but anyway, the cast are starting to be announced for the 2014 film adaptation, and we’re getting excited.

Alex Pettyfer is confirmed to play Four, Tris’ Dauntless leader and soon to be love interest (honestly, that’s not a spoiler if you haven’t read it yet).

While the acting skills of said Pettyfer have been brought into question by a few (in this office), there’s no denying that visually, he makes a great Four.

These are crazy news! What do you think of this? Is Alex who you pictured as Four, or are Jeremy or Lucas the one you want? We will keep you updated with anything else we hear!

Read the rest of the article here.

UPDATE: The Divergent Facebook has confirmed this is a rumor, so don’t freak out! Four is not yet cast.