According to Gaming Blend , Divergent may become a video game now that Summit has filed a trademark for creating merchandise around the novels. Although this is still a rumor, the trademark includes rights to make a videogame.

The New York Times best-selling novel Divergent may be turned into a video game. Summit Entertainment, the company producing a film based on the novel, has filed a trademark to create games based on the series.

trademark filing, made on January 1st, applies to “computer games, namely, computer game cartridges, cassettes, tapes, discs, programs and software” as well as “electronic games downloadable via the internet and mobile devices.” A wide range of other merchandise is also mentioned, including backpacks, sunglasses and mobile phone skins. Summit seems to think they’ve got a major franchise on their hands.

Check out the full article over at Gaming Blend. What do you think about a Divergent video game? Would you play it?