It seems like all that I’ve been recently posting is Divergent giveaways because the fandom has been so slow on news recently, but we all love giveaways right? So here is another one! This time you can win a signed copy of Divergent thanks to The Secret Adventures of WhiteGirl. To enter, visit her site HERE. Make sure to spread the word about her contest for 1 extra entry and to leave a comment reviewing her book comics for the end of the world for 5 extra entries. Check them out, they’re pretty sweet!

Indeed, this is a genu-ine signed book that was no easy feat to come by. Did you know at Veronica Roth’s signings she makes you go through all the trials Tris does just to get that pretty signature? (I jest. Or do I?). In any case, this little lady is signed, filled to the brim with golden ink (it’s black actually) of her runaway achievement. And it’s hardcover to boot. Oh yes. You can maim someone with this guy, and then read it as you sit on top of their twitching, misbegotten form of whoever dared mess with you.

Do I have your interest yet? *grins like a Cheshire*

This is for all my followers who so bravely put up with my crazy antics. If you’re new here, I really can’t blame you. So any follower, new or old is eligible to enter! I’m trying this whole rafflecopter thing, because apparently it’s the bee’s knees and super easy or something like that.

Now you also get an extra entry for spreading the word (+1 for every way), and you get +5 extra entries if you comment on this post (or here if the comment link gets covered so you can’t get to it) about what you thought of my book comics for the end of the world (hereherehere,herehere, oh and here).  I need to know! That wacom tablet is hanging in the balance! Of course, be honest. If you think my sense of humor is stinky, you can say so. I don’t mind. I just want to know if you would like more visual-type stuff like this on the blog.

So enter away! And may the odds be ever in your favor. Wait. Wrong series…

Many bloggers and authors have been giving away signed copies of the books and I’ll be posting all the ones I find on here. So make sure to enter all the contests to increase your chances and check back in case more contests pop up. Good luck to everyone!