Recently there have been many rumors going around with the casting of Four/Tobias. We’ve heard of many actors that have auditioned and that are in the running, one of them being Alexander Ludwig. Today, Alexander brings these rumors to an end as he confirms he will not be cast in the movie. Alexander Ludwig is known for his role of “Cato” in the Hunger Games movie, and according to an earlier tweet, the reason he was not cast in ‘Divergent’ was because of his work in ‘The Hunger Games’. Take a look at it below:

Many fans seem to be glad that the actor was not cast as Four. To me, he does not fully resemble the Four I have in my mind. I guess his role in The Hunger Games gave him the “bad guy” look for me and I could definitely see him playing another character like Peter. It is understandable though, why Summit decided not to have him star in a franchise so similar to the one he belonged to before and honestly, the fandom seems relieved that he is not Four. What are your thoughts on the matter? Relieved? Angry? Curious?

If only they’d just tell us who is Four once and for all! Hang in there guys, we’ll know sooner or later.