Earlier today, actor Ansel Ergot who has been cast as our very own Caleb in Divergent, tweeted that he was on his way to Chicago:

This could only mean one thing. My Erudite senses (or maybe not so Erudite) are telling me that Ansel is on his way to Chicago for something ‘Divergent’ related… perhaps the filming, since we are only a few days away from April! Either way, seeing a ‘Divergent’ star tweet they’re on their way to Chicago is definitely something to get excited about.

In the meantime, we still don’t have a Uriah, an Edward, a Will and many others. I’m assuming that we will find out the rest of the cast very very soon, since some of them are already heading up to Chicago! The Divergent movie is on its way! Who else is getting excited for this?

UPDATE: Miles Teller (Peter) is ALSO in Chicago, confirming our suspicions that it is to film ‘Divergent’. Excuse me while I go scream of excitement. (AHHH!):