Still want a shot at being an extra in Divergent? If you are an Illinois resident, have police or infantry training and are in between the ages of 18-44 this is your shot! Here is the information from the Official Atmosphere Casting Facebook Page:

We are looking for people ages 18-44 with Police or Military Infantry/combat training for the film we are working on.

I repeat, Police or Infantry only. We are NOT looking for martial artists, boxers, fighters, people with stage combat experience.

I repeat again…Police or Military…practical experience HIGHLY preferred. If you were in the military 10 years and you only touched an M-16 on your yearly qualification…that is not practical experience.

I really hate to have to explain it this way but the majority of the submissions we are getting are wrong….some good ones, but mostly wrong.

If you attended the open casting call please do NOT submit for this…if you had the qualifications we would have already contacted you.

If you attended the previous audition on FEB 9th…do NOT submit for this.

If we have already sent you an email regarding this…do NOT submit.


IF you feel like you have the required skills that we are seeking, please send an email to

Put DAUNTLESS ARMY in the subject line. Include your name, phone number, email, branch, rank/pay grade, and your time served; If police, put department and time on the job along with the rest in the body of the email AND ATTACH a recent photo in jpeg format.


Good luck! Remember to only submit an application if you fit all the qualifications. If you have any questions, leave them below or email us at We will try to get them answered ASAP.