Today has been an eventful day in the twitter-verse for the Fandom! Not only did we hear more casting news but we also got the following exciting tweets:

David Boreanaz? In Divergent?? I think yes! It’s a little late for them to still be doing auditions, but it is exciting nevertheless.

Then a tweet from Tracy Brennan (Head of Talent at Creative Artists Agency)…

So that’s what our two cast members were up to in Chicago! Thanks Tracy for the insight. And does anybody else get the feeling of jumping up and down after hearing “Great way to kick off DIVERGENT”. It’s actually happening guys!

And in case you missed it, this tweet that had the whole fandom “squee”-ing earlier from Ansel Ergot (Caleb):

Update: Here’s one more!

There you have it folks! That’s what’s been happening in the fandom today, hopefully tomorrow will be just as eventful… (Uriah, pretty please Summit?)