Thanks to OLV, we have some very exciting inside information on the update of Divergent movie filming. According to them, permits have been issued for filming tonight at 600 E. Grand Ave in Chicago, near Navy Pier:


They have also provided us with some very cool images of the Ferris wheel at Navy Pier. The Ferris Wheel is usually white but it looks like the crew of Divergent has rusted the metal to make it look more dystopian, or as Tris describes in the book “huge, rusted supports holding the wheel in place, I see the rungs of a ladder.”



Also, DivergentFans have some more really awesome rusted Chicago-esque pictures so make sure to check out their site for more images!

Update! New Image Alert:

Thanks to @WiressBeetee on twitter we have these two new images:



And the following from Red Carpet Ending:

More more more! The following are from KookzOnTour on twitter!

*We also learned that the ferris wheel scene was not filmed last night, but the night before (sad face). Last night they were filming the paintball scene.

Check out all the images over at the image gallery here!