Page to Premiere has started a really awesome new feature called Page to Premiere Pulse where fansites react to the exciting happenings in the fandom. We are very excited to be participating in this, and to kick things off, I am Divergent along with some other amazing fansites reacted to the knife-throwing scene still that was just released. Check it out!

Paulina from IAmDivergent.com:

The Divergent fandom has been waiting so long for any small peek of the movie or the set (or anything really related to the film!), so it was extraordinary when EW released the very first Divergent still today! When the announcement was made yesterday of the “first look” no one knew really what to expect, but I think this still met everyone’s unknown expectations. Tris looks so much like I imagined her to look. I thought her hair would be lighter but the darker color really matches the character that Neil Burger (director) has recreated. We also get a peek at the raven tattoos (!!!) on her collarbone and from what we can see, I think they look fantastic. They’re the right size and the contrast they make with her light skin make them come out really well. I don’t think it was a HUGE surprise that this is what was going to be released though. Since Veronica had announced that she had seen the knife throwing scene at her set visit, it narrowed that down a little to what our “first look” could be. Needless to say, I think the still is amazing and I’m sure the whole fandom agrees (what with the worldwide trends and everything!). It definitely leaves us wanting for more though… Maybe our “second look” at the movie will be our beloved Four? A girl can only wish! Follow IAmDivergent on Twitter: @IAmDivergentcom

Amanda Bell from Divergent Examiner:

I didn’t think I could possibly be more excited about this movie, but then this picture just opened up the floodgate of feels. Shailene’s tempered expression is just so perfect. She looks raw and vulnerable but durable too. Also, I love that we can get a teeny tiny glimpse of her raven tattoo and the training room. This is a great scene to kick off with since we know it from two different perspectives, and I love how it looks so far. Follow Divergent Examiner on Twitter: @DivergentExamnr

Administrators from DivergentFansUK.com:

When the official Divergent twitter page announced yesterday that we would get a first look at the movie today, we didn’t know what we were in for. The still EW released is absolutely perfect, and though it is just a small snippet from the movie, it’s great to finally see something visual instead of how we imagined things to be when we were reading the books. The still shows Tris in the middle of the knife throwing scene from chapter 13 (one of our favourite chapters), where Four is throwing knives at Tris after she takes Al’s place to prevent him standing in front of the target and have knives thrown at him. Looking at this I can honestly say Shailene is the perfect Tris and is exactly how we imagined her to be when reading the books. It’s amazing how we have a movie still of one of the most popular scenes in the book and it hasn’t even been a full month since filming started. I’m sure throughout the period that production is ongoing that we can expect more amazing sneak peeks like this! Follow DivergentFansUK on Twitter: @DiverentFansUK

Sookie from TheDivergent.net:

Because it was known the knife-throwing had been filmed, we assumed it would be a still from that scene. Tris’s hair is perfect, as well as the look on her face. She looks calm and prepared, but bold at the same time, which is the perfect combination because she is not allowed to flinch in that scene. The knife-throwing targets look very cool, too, being blue. Hopefully more stills will come soon and we cannot wait for them! Follow TheDivergent.net on Twitter: @TheDivergentnet

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