Thanks to The Young Folks on Tumblr we have an update on how the set of ‘Divergent’ on 600 S. Wells Street in Chicago is looking. Looks like they have started some construction on the site! Take a look at the amazing pictures they got & what they had to say:

I decided to take a walk to the Divergent set on Wells today (April 5, 2013) just to see what’s going on over there and guess what scene(s) it will be used for.

Here are some pictures from today that I took. It’s a great location for Divergent. River City definitely has a futuristic look that plays well into Divergent’s setting. Plus, on the other end, we have the Sears Tower.

Looking forward to seeing what ends up filming here! Any guesses?

For the rest of the pictures, click here.

Update: @Dauntless46 on Twitter has informed us that she has gotten word from the production company that actual filming is scheduled to begin this April 8. Filming will take place on 600 S. Wells Street.