Are you following all the Official Divergent pages yet? Well they have just launched a brand new account! Divergent is officially on Instagram so make sure to follow them: @divergent.

So far, they have only posted 3 photos but we can expect future updates from them, so follow them here.

And just in case you’re not following all the other Divergent Official Accounts take a look below:

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And of course, don’t forget to follow Veronica Roth, the author of the series for up to date information from the creator of the series:

Veronica Roth Twitter

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Also, make sure to follow the cast, crew, editors and well… anyone involved in Divergent on twitter! You can take a look at the updated Divergent Twitter Master List HERE.

Remember guys, all of these accounts are confirmed and the list is completely updated. Don’t follow fakes! If you think we are missing someone, send us an email at divergentiam@gmail.com so we can give it the OK from our sources.

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