I can already tell today is going to be an eventful day for the Divergent fandom. Twitter has suddenly gone viral with pictures of extras on the set that we saw yesterday and in full costume! Clearly, they are filming the choosing ceremony as the pictures show kids that look to be around 16 in costumes of every faction. First take a look at these two videos of what’s happening on set thanks to Andy Schien on YouTube!

This next video thanks to Myca Bautista on YouTube:

Here is a longer video from mmbmod on YouTube who staged a phone conversation so she wouldn’t get caught! Gotta love what she’s saying:

These two pictures are of stars on set. These are of Ben Lamb (not in costume), Shailene Woodley, Miles Teller and Ansel Elgort! Thanks to @Sugarshack91, @MollyxGottfried & @pattycakezo:

Thanks to @ajh7471 on Twitter, we have a full look at all of the costumes from all of the factions, and the first glimpse at the choosing ceremony! Take a look:

All the factions lined up to go inside:

First up, we have the Dauntless!

And this amazing shot of the Amity (I absolutely LOVE the costumes… is it bad I want them for myself?):

Now the abnegation. Can you spot Tris in there? (no)

Here is Erudite:

And finally, here’s a shot of Candor:

Aren’t the costumes just amazing? Which faction is your favorite? Let us know! Thanks so much to @ajh7471 on twitter for these amazing pictures!!

*Note: I will be updating this post all day as it seems we will be getting more and more pictures. Don’t forget to check back!

Update 1: Thanks to @giadalovesya on twitter, we now have another shot of the Dauntless:

UPDATE 2: Thanks @MontgomeryJones for this update! Looks like they’re taking a break…

Update 3: Woah! The following are thanks to @MollyxGottFried on twitter!

Update 4: More from lonestarkendall on instagram! Is that Shailene Woodley on the ground?


Update 5: Thanks to DivergentsUK and tevaburns on Instagram for this awesome picture of Shailene & Ansel in their abnegation costumes:


Update 6: And the following from @Mellie_01 on Twitter:

Update 7: More pictures from @piyushsinha, @YoTeach42 & @Bulldawg11:

Update 8: Thanks to @AlexParker for this distant shot of the filming!

Update 9: Check out these pictures from Pattycakezo’s tumblr!