Thanks to Aaron Morris (aem1496 on twitter) new pictures of the filming going on today have surfaced. Aaron was able to capture Shailene Woodley as Tris in her full abnegation costume! Looks like they’re still shooting some scenes of Tris’ first time jumping trains, take a look:

In this next one, it looks like they were still getting ready to shoot since Shailene is wearing a jacket to cover her costume

Today is already an eventful day for the Divergent production! Thanks again to Aaron Morris (@aem1496) for the amazing pictures.

UPDATE:Here are more pictures from today’s set! In these pictures you can see Shailene along with the rest of the initiates by the twin tracks. Check it out:






Exclusive new Divergent set picture thanks again to Andrew Schein! This is from the back of where all the magic was happening! It’s pretty amazing check it out:


(Click image for full size)