Many images surfaced the web of Divergent filming once again today. Local Chicago fans have kept us updated all day so here is our roundup of the Divergent set images of today Sunday 6/9. Along with the images that were released on twitter, we have some exclusive images from the awesome Andrew Schien who has kept us updated throughout this filming process. Take a look at all the images below:


When they yelled action, one more person wearing black (on the left side) followed the group of 4 armed goons as they sprayed gunfire.  This person on the left was not armed, so I figured this was their leader.




For this one, Andrew commented:

4 in black leather….3 male and 1 female…the female is a brunette in the front left.  One guy is a blonde.  They enter an alley and spray some gunfire with others.  This is at the corner of Monroe and Clark.dive7

Here is a closer look at the Dauntless jackets!



(The factionless!!)

You can see Ben Lloyd Hughes (as Will), Ashley Judd (as Natalie) and what looks to be the back of Shailene Woodley (as Tris)

Thank you so much to @sonofabaker, @cee_em_bb, @_meza_, @_jessflores_, @fzkhann, @aem1469, @coffeygrinds and @AshleyJudd for all of these! Truly an amazing day for the fandom.


Here is a brand new VIDEO of the filming yesterday and more close up shots courtesy of Michael Durr and @DivergentLife for the closeups: