The houses on 600 S. Wells Street have been taking shape as they are scheduled to begin shooting this June 12th (that’s just 5 days away!). Thanks so much to the help of Andrew Schien, we are able to see more detailed looks at these houses. They have added some patterns to the windows and of course, the grass yards that we saw yesterday:

(Click on the images for full size)



This is the backside:


Notice that the windows are also covered from the inside. Would looking out be self-indulgent?

The following is the gravel path that has been added to the set. Andrew commented that “the “gravel” itself is actually made out of pieces of foam”. Would that make it easier for the actors to walk on? It is interesting that they made it out of foam. It looks very realistic.


Andrew also told us that while he was there taking pictures, “a teenage girl (she looked about 17 or so) walked by [him] and while looking at the homes asked ‘Is that a jail being built?'”

That is too funny! From an outsider’s perspective I see how it could look like a jail. A rather futuristic jail that is but I’m sure many of the Chicago locals are a bit confused at what is really being built there.

Thanks again Andrew for these amazing shots and your continuous support!