After 2 months that Divergent has been in production, it looks like it’s a wrap for our very own Peter, Miles Teller. The very outgoing actor has just tweeted that he has officially wrapped filming on Divergent:

A few days ago Ansel Elgort (Caleb) also tweeted that he would also be wrapping up Divergent soon:

Although the Peter scenes are done and Caleb scenes are coming to an end, don’t be so sad because several reports earlier in the day said that Kate Winslet has arrived in Chicago and has started filming for her parts as Jeanine Matthews! If you are a local Chicago resident and haven’t gotten a chance to visit the sets yet, go do that now because it looks like filming is coming to an end. If you guys get any shots of Kate Winslet as Jeanine Matthews, share them with us and send them to I’m sure we’re all dying to see her in full costume!

Remember, as shooting comes to an end, we’re one step closer to trailers, teasers and, of course, the movie itself! Only 273 more days until the Divergent movie hits the screen.