Today August 19th is Veronica Roth’s 25th birthday!!! She is the author of the Divergent series, she created this amazing world we all obsess over so we want to wish her a VERY happy birthday!

Last week we launched the first Divergent secret project where us (the fansites) wanted to get pictures of you wishing Veronica a happy birthday and we are launching it right now! We got all of the pictures you sent us and put them all in this very special tumblr page for Veronica. The music playing in the background is from Veronica’s summer playlist including the song she is addicted to right now!

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 10.58.15 AM

We wanted to make Veronica’s 25th birthday a very very special one and thanks to you, we think it’s going to happen. Make sure to tweet Veronica Roth the link to the page so she sees it! We hope she enjoys it and has a very VERY happy 25th birthday 🙂

Also! Make sure to click on the contributors tab and check out ALL the sites that participated! We couldn’t have done this without you!