Thanks to EW we have an official first look at ALLEGIANT! It is a quote from Chapter 7 that hints at what could be outside the fence; a question that has been on all of our minds ever since the series stared!  Check it out below!

Just as the Divergent movie series is gearing up, the book series that started it all is coming to a close. No other YA series has whipped up such a fan frenzy since The Hunger Games, and Allegiant by Veronica Roth brings Tris and Four’s adventure to an end on Oct. 22. EW has the very first worldwide exclusive sneak peek inside the third and final book in the series. Warning: The excerpt is maddeningly short — just enough to drive you Initiates crazy with anticipation.

What do you think? Could they be the only people left? Pick up ALLEGIANT on shelves this October 22nd and leave us your thoughts below about this quote!