Veronica Roth posted on Tumblr earlier to clear up any misunderstandings about future Divergent short stories and releases. Below is her post:

A Small Clarification about Short Stories

So, recently I said in response to a Tumblr ask that I wasn’t finished with “the short stories,” and a lot of people took that to mean that I was going to write short stories beyond the four stories about Four that are coming out later this year, and started suggesting things.

However, I meant that I’m not done writing the Four short stories (the ones you already know about). I am still working on those. I did not mean that I currently have any plans to work on any other short stories in the Divergent universe— I don’t.

I just don’t like for people to have expectations that may not be met based on some clumsy wording of mine, so I thought I would clarify!

Can’t wait to see what Veronica has in store for us!