Allegiant - FINAL COVER

If you missed the drama on Instagram and Twitter last night, a few copies of ALLEGIANT mistakenly were sent out from the Canadian distributor Indigo Books to some readers that pre-ordered copies. They have received ALLEGIANT a month in advance and naturally, many fans were angered at the news. Thankfully, Harper Collins Canada immediately responded and took care of it. They released the following press release earlier today:


Due to a shipping error originating at a Canadian retailer, a small number of customers have received copies of ALLEGIANT prior to the on-sale date. All shipments of ALLEGIANT will be released on October 22, 2013, as planned. We look forward to celebrating this momentous publication with fans around the world at midnight on October 22.

And Veronica Roth too responded to the news with a post asking the lucky readers that received the advanced copies to please hold off on any spoilers:

About That Allegiant Leak

Hey guys.

I found out earlier today that a very small number of readers received finished copies of Allegiant already, instead of on October 22nd, due to a Canadian shipping error that has since been fixed. I’m disappointed, and I’m sure you are too. I personally have been waiting, pretty much since the trilogy began, for the day when the last book would come out and we would all experience it together—you for the first time and me, with the giddy anticipation of an author who finally gets to watch everyone finish the story that has been so dear to me. That’s why I’ve been so secretive for so long! But accidents and errors just happen sometimes.

If you are one of the people who received Allegiant early: I would love it if you wanted to wait to read it until October 22nd alongside your fellow Initiates. However, I can’t blame you if that’s just not going to work for you. I do ask, no matter what you decide, that out of kindness and respect for your fellow Divergent readers and their reading experiences, you do not post spoilers or quotes anywhere. I know I can count on you to preserve the mystery with me— I may be biased, but I think I have the best readers ever.

Everyone else: I think we’re still going to have a great October 22nd (and weeks immediately following). Be very wary of what you read online, and we’ll come out of this just fine.

Author out.

So if you are one of the lucky ones who received a copy of ALLEGIANT a month in advance, please respect the author and don’t post any spoilers. And if you weren’t one of the people who received a copy, don’t worry! There were VERY few copies sent out so we will all enjoy the book October 22nd when it officially hits shelves.

If ANY more news regarding this leak are released check back to this post because we will be posting anything that happens. Only 27 more days until WE get to read the end of the series, ALLEGIANT!