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ATTENTION INITIATES! The official Tris and Four posters are coming our way and YOU can be a part of it. Summit Entertainment is asking for Vines, GIFs and/or Instagram photos to be part of the posters themselves. Here is the official announcement from Summit:
In DIVERGENT, what makes you different makes you dangerous.
We’re asking fans to send us their Vines, GIFs, photos or artwork explaining what makes them different.  Fans can submit on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr or Vine with the caption “I AM #DIVERGENT” for a chance to become a part of the first official posters!
Go here for more info:
On September 23, we will reveal the official teaser posters as animated mosaics incorporating fan Vines, GIFs, photos and artwork.
Yahoo! Movies will unveil the posters exclusively.
Make sure to send your pictures in, hopefully you can find yourself in the Divergent posters!