Allegiant is released tonight at midnight and as if it weren’t enough, tons of can’t miss promo is happening along with it! We have a full schedule of what you definitely cannot miss thanks to DivergentLife.

Watch Veronica Roth’s midnight video message to fans (where she’ll read the first pages of ALLEGIANT)! Check DivergentOfficial.com at midnight (11:59PM eastern time on 10.21.13).

ALLEGIANT is released!

1. Tune in to “The Today Show” on Wednesday Oct 23 during the 8AM hour (eastern time) to see Veronica Roth talk about ALLEGIANT. (livesteams will be posted if available)
2. Celebrate with the Epic Reads Divergent Tea Party at 3:45PM eastern time on Wednesday 23. Chat about what made you fall in love with the Divergent series and see an exclusive video from Veronica Roth!  
3. Join the Veronica Roth Twitter Chat with iBooks at 3PM pacific time/6PM eastern time.

Veronica Roth will be joining the Very VH1 spreecast this Thursday at 5PMest/2PMpst, to discuss her new bookAllegiant, the upcoming Divergent movie and to answer your questions!

Veronica will answer your questions during the Allegiant tour LIVE Ustream event from Chicago on Saturday 26 Oct at 2PM central time. Submit your questions here.

Make sure to tune in to all of these events after you read ALLEGIANT and if you happen to miss something, it will be posted on here as soon as it is available. Happy reading initiates!