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A few months ago, I Am was able to visit the set of the Divergent Movie in Chicago. Celebrating the release of Allegiant last week, we have the opportunity to unveil a part of our set visit report! Although throughout our visit we were allowed to tweet very vague things about what was happening, the day has come when we can finally tell you some exclusive details of our DIVERGENT Movie set visit back in May! (Click on the photos for full size)

While on our trip, we were able to visit many sets of the dystopian Chicago that the studio has created. One very special set was the outside Abnegation Set, where the members of the Abnegation faction reside in.  Back in May, the houses weren’t quite done and when our visit happened, they were actually actively working on the set so construction was all around us. We were able to go inside the set to look around and snap some exclusive pictures of the action.

The following photo was taken from our van as we were driving into the Abnegation set:


The Abnegation houses were just a small, secluded area and all around them, huge buildings of Chicago overlooked them.
IMG_2504 Earlier that day, we had the chance to visit the concept art room at the studio where we got to see edits and photographs of what the sets would become. I was in awe of the Abnegation set concept art: the simple gray, but well kept Abnegation homes in the middle of tall, but ruined Chicago buildings. In the edits, the buildings around the homes had broken windows, grunge all over them, broken parts… basically spelled DYSTOPIAN. It was the perfect setting for Tris’ home and I could see how the set we were standing on was going to become exactly that! Imagine the buildings surrounding us in the picture below, covered with grunge, looking abandoned while the neat Abnegation houses resided in the middle of all the chaos.

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(From Left to Right: Jessi (The Fandom), Celine (Divergent Guide), Amanda (Divergent Examiner), Me/Paulina (IamDivergent), Ashley (DivergentLexicon), Alison (DivergentFans) & Kylie (DivergentSociety))

The walls of the Abnegation home had little striped patterns that I saw were made by the saw-like looking instrument in the picture below. It was this attention to detail that really surprised me! Everything was made so carefully, the world of Divergent was truly being constructed.


The inside of the homes was empty because this set was just made for the outside shots. Earlier that day however, we did have the chance to go to the “inside” Abnegation set while still in the studio. We were not allowed to take photos but the inside was just as modest and perfect as the outside. There was no light inside, just the natural day light that came from the windows, the walls were gray and the floor was made of a careful pattern of rectangular rocks. There was a smell of herbs that penetrated the whole house set and, although that wasn’t going to translate into the film, the unit publicist told us it was to help the actors get in the mode. It was so simple and so Abnegation, a very Zen-like aura immediately when walking into the set.

The following is a look inside the outside sets through the window of one of the houses:



As you can see, the inside of these outside sets were just filler. Later on, windows, doors and roofs would be added so the cameras could not see inside, but the inside of these sets always remained this way. Here’s a look at the house from the back:

IMG_2498 The floor was just regular, old gravel. We’re not sure if the ground stayed like this for filming or if grass was added. Check it out:

IMG_2501After wandering a bit more around the set, it was time for us to leave. Erin from managed to snap a quick picture of me before we left and with that, our visit to the outside Abnegation set was concluded.

IMG_2708 Make sure to check out Part 2 of our Divergent Set Visit coverage along with an interview with SHAILENE WOODLEY (Tris) and ZOE KRAVITZ (Christina) HERE! And if you guys have any questions or comments of our set visit, make sure to leave us a comment below or send us an email to:

Catch DIVERGENT in theaters March 21st, 2014!