With the release of Allegiant, Veronica Roth sat down with Here & Now to talk about the ending of Allegiant. If you haven’t yet read Allegiant, the following does not really spoil what happens, but if you’re trying to stay 100% spoiler free, do not keep reading. 

The following is an excerpt of the interview she did with Here & Now:

YOUNG: We’re not going to – at all – give away the ending of this book, but how closely did you want to guard what happened?

ROTH: I did want to keep it secret for as long as humanly possible, simply because I wanted people to experience the story for themselves and not just be told what happens because I think the process of reading the book is a lot different – it feels a lot different than if you were just told a summary of it.

YOUNG: I tweeted out to many of your different online fan bases, you know, do you have questions for Veronica Roth? And one that came back from one of your fan sites, Divergent Life, they wrote and said: We heard there was a shocking ending. Can you tell us why you did that? As much as you want to, why did you choose that?

ROTH: I, from the very first book, had this ending planned, if I was fortunate enough to write the other two.

YOUNG: Really? You always knew.

ROTH: I knew…

YOUNG: You always knew.

ROTH: Yeah. I knew it was the way it had to go. And someday, I’ll talk about the way that this is set up in each book. But I was sure of it from the very beginning, what would do justice to these characters and to this story, and I feel very strongly that this is the best possible ending for this book. And I’m extremely happy with it, even though I know it will be alarming, maybe.

YOUNG: Are you sad to leave this world behind?

ROTH: I am sad. In the middle of writing the book, I was sure I wasn’t going to be sad because I was just like, OK, this thing just needs to get done. But now that the day has come, it’s very bittersweet. I mean, I’m happy to let go of these secrets and for everyone to know how this story ends, but the series has been special to me. It’s changed huge parts of my life. And I have a deep affection for these characters and – I don’t know. It’s going to be a little – I’m going to have to mope a little bit after this.

To LISTEN and read the rest of the interview check it out on Here & Now! Happy Reading initiates!