As the release of ALLEGIANT, the third and last book of the Divergent saga, approaches, Veronica Roth has a little trest for her readers. Publishers Weekly reports that Veronica Roth will be reading the first (very short) chapter on camera for everyone to see:

Those vigilant fans won’t need to wait much longer. At 11:59 p.m. on October 21, the Divergent Web site will broadcast a pre-taped video of Roth reading the very short first chapter (“a little taste,” she said). During the segment, which she plans to tape in her home office, she will talk from the cushy yellow chair where she takes breaks, not from the treadmill desk where she writes on her PC laptop while walking “really, really slowly,” she said.

Those first three pages are told from Tris’s point of view. “I wanted to start the last of the series with her voice,” Roth said. But then Four gets a turn. “They’re mostly alternating by chapter, but not exclusively,” she said. Fans can expect the characters’ relationship to develop. “In the other books, they haven’t really gotten the chance to get much closer because they’ve just been running around all the time,” she said.

So make sure to tune in October 21st at midnight to hear Veronica Roth narrate the first chapter of the book.