Following yesterday’s tease to the “Inside DIVERGENT: The Initiates World”, DivergentOfficial has released yet another tease of what will be in the book along with the release time of the cover. Yesterday we found out that the cover would be released tomorrow, and today we know it will happen at 3PM ET! Check out this still of Amy Newbold as Molly in the DIVERGENT Movie:


Oh, Molly!
Ready for more? Follow DivergentOfficial for new stills from INSIDE DIVERGENT: THE INITIATE’S WORLD and check back at 3PM eastern time on 11/27 for the official cover reveal!

“Illustrated with more than 150 photographs—many never before seen—this eye-catching volume takes you inside the film version of Divergent where you’ll relive the electrifying story of Tris, Four, and all of the other characters from their world. Unforgettable scenes, such as the Choosing Ceremony and Ferris wheel, are included.” 

Inside DIVERGENT: The Initiates World will be on sale: 2/11/2014 but is available to pre-order now. Pre-order here!

What do YOU hope to see on the cover?