Veronica Roth went to Tumblr to share her reaction to the DIVERGENT Full Length Trailer! Looks like she had an opportunity to see it in advance and we love what she had to say about it:

So, I saw the Divergent trailer. As in, the full-length one.

Something you should know about me is that I process emotion in a strange way. Usually when something really good happens, I react first with numbness and then fear and then excitement and joy— in that order.

That is not what happened here. I watched this trailer and cried happy author tears. No numbness, no fear. It’s beautiful. And exciting. And I CANNOT WAIT for you to see it.

Here’s the info:

What: The worldwide Trailer Premiere Live Stream Event for Divergent with director Neil Burger. The trailer will be unveiled for the first time, and then there will be a chat with Neil Burger and various YouTube talent and fans.

When: 8:30 a.m. PST Wednesday, Nov. 13


I hope you like it! (!!!)

We also had the lucky opportunity to get to screen the trailer early and you can see our reaction HERE!

Tune in TOMORROW at 8:30 am PT to watch the full length trailer over at Summit Entertainment’s YouTube channel!