Attention initiates! If you weren’t already aware, Veronica Roth still has more stops with her tour promoting ALLEGIANT. She is going overseas to Ireland, London and then back to the US for YALL Fest in South Carolina as she shared today on her blog:

Today I am packing up my clothes and my lingering sickness (don’t worry, fellow airplane travelers, I won’t sneeze on you. Unless you hit me in the head with your luggage or something) and heading overseas for some Irish fun. And then some English fun. And then back across the Atlantic for some South Carolinian fun. And then back to my house for some sleep-for-three-weeks-straight fun. Basically, fun all around, is what I’m saying.

Here’s the info:

Sunday, November 3rd, 3PM
Eason’s O’Connell St
This event is, to my knowledge, sold out, but I wanted to mention it because I’m excited to meet those of you who are planning to attend!

Wednesday, November 6th, 6:30PM
Prince Charles Theater, Leicester Square, WC2H 7BY
Hosted by Waterstones

Saturday, November 9th
You can read more on this here.The keynote conversation is sold out, but it looks like you can still pre-order signed books if you would like. [Sidebar: There are lots of restrictions listed there, because of time + anxiety reasons, but I promise I am friendly.

Will you be attending any of Veronica’s coming events? If you get any pictures to share, make sure to email them to us to: divergentiam@gmail.com