Tumblr is currently doing their Tumblr Year in Review, where they find the most popular topics/authors/blogs of 2013 and put them according to their own categories. For this year’s Year in Review, DIVERGENT is all over the categories!

Divergent, Insurgent AND Allegiant were all in the most reblogged books in 2013! Veronica Roth was one of Tumblr’s Top Authors and Shailene Woodley one of Tumblr’s Top Actresses. It’s incredible to see Allegiant in the top since it’s only been out for a couple of months but, clearly the power of initiates is huge.

Check out the full lists below. Did any other of your favorites make the list?

Most Reblogged in 2013:  Books

Most Reblogged in 2013:  Authors

Most Reblogged in 2013:  Actresses

Looks like the YA Genre took over many parts of these categories!

Congratulations to the Divergent series for their Tumblr success in 2013.