MTV Movie Brawl is back and this time Divergent could become “The Biggest Movie of The Year”. It all depends on the fan vote however, and we know that the initiates can make a BIG presence in social media, so with your help Divergent could win the brawl. We already got DIVERGENT in the competition so all that’s left to do is to vote your hearts out on the MTV voting section. To vote, make sure to go on the MTV website, click on DIVERGENT’s slot and vote! Pay attention to the following dates:

January 8: Call For Submissions
January 13: Round 1: Fight!
January 16: Sweet Sixteen
January 20: Elite Eight
January 23: Final Four
January 27: Final Two
January 30: The Winner… Revealed!

If you want Divergent to win the MTV Movie Brawl go vote here!

Good luck initiates!