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Tris chooses Dauntless, she looks to see her families reactions. Andrew looks angry and Natalie is smiling.
Caleb seems at peace with his Faction choice.
Tris boards the Train for the first time. An Erudite boy is the only one who doesn’t make it on board.
Tris meets Christina.
Tris and the other initiates jump from the Train onto the rooftop at Dauntless HQ. Only an Amity boy doesn’t make the jump.
Rita’s sister dies trying to jump from the Train to the rooftop.
The initiates meet Max.
The initiates are asked to jump off of the rooftop down into a hole.
Tris is the first jumper, she lands in the Net.
Tris meets Four for the first time; he helps pull her from the Net.


Lauren takes the Dauntless-born initiates, Four takes the Faction-transfer initiates.
Four takes the initiates on a tour of Dauntless HQ. They visit the Pit, the Chasm, and the Dining Hall.
During dinner, Tris sits with Christina and Four. She eats her first hamburger.
Eric comes to talk to Four during dinner.
After dinner Eric shows the initiates their Dormitory.
Eric explains to the initiates how Dauntless Initiation works, and that not all of them will make it to the end.
Al cries himself to sleep loudly, Tris cries herself to sleep silently.

Four teaches Tris and the other initiates how to shoot a gun.
Tris, Christina, Al, and Will eat lunch together.
Four shows the initiates the Training Room and the Arena. They begin training for their upcoming fights.
Christina helps Tris look more Dauntless. (New clothes, hair, and makeup)
Tris sees Tori again at the Tattoo Parlor.
Tris gets a tattoo of three ravens on her collarbone, one for each member of her family.

The initiates begin their fights for Phase 1 of Dauntless Initiation.
Four and Eric watch.
Will and Al fight first. Al wins.
Four leaves to take Will to the Medical Area.
Molly and Christina fight second. Christina asks for the fight to be stopped. Molly wins.
Eric punishes Christina for stopping the fight by making her hang over the Chasm for 5 minutes.
Tris and Al cheer her on while she’s hanging and when the 5 minutes ends, Al pulls her back over the ledge.

While Tris is in the bathroom someone spray-paints “Stiff” on her mattress in red.
Molly fights Edward in the Arena. Edward wins.
Tris fights Peter in the Arena. Four leaves the room during their fight. Peter wins when Tris passes out.
Tris wakes up in the Dauntless Medical Area. Will, Al, and Christina check on her.
Tris goes back to the Initiate Dormitory that night.

The chapter summaries were by Divergent Lexicon!

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