If you haven’t been keeping up, today is day 7 of our milti fansite DIVERGENT Movie countdown! Every day a different fansite will be posting something new to count down on until the Divergent movie is released. Today is our turn and we will be profiling the characters Natalie Prior and Andrew Prior.

Note: This profile is based on the knowledge we have only from the first book in the series DIVERGENT as we are counting down to the Divergent movie (not Insurgent or Allegiant).

Natalie Prior

  • She is Tris and Caleb’s badass mom that is part of the Abnegation faction and is married to councilman Andrew Prior.
  • Natalie was originally from Dauntless but transferred to Abnegation after being warned of the dangers of Dauntless.
  • Natalie cuts Tris’ hair at the beginning of Divergent and allows her daughter to look in their one hidden mirror of the house for just a second.
  • After the choosing ceremony, Natalie smiles at her children as they leave to their new factio
  • Natalie is introduced again during visiting day where she goes to see Tris in Dauntless HQ.
  • When the serum control takes place, Natalie helps Tris escape but is killed in the process.
  • She is killed by a group of serum controlled Dauntless initiates.
  • Natalie was described as kind, selfless and strong.

“You’re my daughter.  I don’t care about the factions…Look where they got us.  Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again.”

-Natalie Prior, Divergent

Andrew Prior

  • He is an Abnegation Councilman, Tris and Caleb’s father and is married to Natalie Prior.
  • Andrew Prior was Erudite born and met Natalie from a very young age.
  • When he was young in Erudite, he saw human experimentation and began to hate the erudite.
  • Andrew and Natalie then decided together to transfer to Abnegation.
  • Andrew was upset that his children transferred factions at the choosing ceremony.
  • Andrew knew about the war happening in Erudite and when it broke out in Abnegation, ran away with a group of other Abnegation to hide at a safehouse.
  • Tris is joined to Andrew after her mother, his wife, was murdered and they continue to try to stop the Erudite/Dauntless attack.
  • They travel to Dauntless compound and in an attempt to distract the Daunltess soldiers, is killed.
  • Andrew was able to look at his daughter Tris one last time before dying.

“Those who want power and get it live in terror of losing it.”

-Andrew Prior, Divergent

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We can’t wait until the DIVERGENT Movie is released in theaters next month!