A little less than an year ago, I, along with some awesome Divergent fansites, headed to Chicago to visit the set of Divergent! We asked you guys to send us questions to ask the cast, and you might be wondering where those interviews went… Well they are finally coming. This week, we will be rolling out our interviews from the set 2 per day so you can all read and enjoy!

For today however, we want to share our experience that we had on set! So if you want to hear some pretty cool on-set trip secrets… you’re in the right place, and trust me some of these you won’t want to miss! Check them out below and make sure to also visit the other fansites that participated in this for THEIR set visit experience:

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1. The Pit

When we arrived on set, they were filming the scene where Tris jumps onto the train of the initiates for the very first time after the choosing ceremony. Because the train set was tiny, we were in the adjacent set with a monitor and headphones so we could hear the filming happening. This “adjacent set” however, was the pit set! We’ve seen shots of the pit in trailers and stills but let me tell you it is HUGE. There’s very little green screen happening in these shots because they literally built the whole thing. It was a beautiful room and just walking in made me feel like I was part of the world of Divergent.

2. The Trains

We were so lucky to get a tour of the train set! When the cast finished their scenes for the day there and went to lunch, we were able to get inside the train and see all the intricate details that went into constructing it. I found that the most interesting detail from the trains was a couple of pieces of paper on the walls supposedly to be “permits” and when these “permits” for the train to be running were issued. On the permits the following was printed:

Brought to you by Abnegation. Our humble service maintains stability.

And for the years that the permits were issued:

Year 2145 – 2150

So now we have an idea to where Divergent is approximately set! I thought this was a really great detail because nobody was ever going to see that on the film (the print was tiny) but they still added it to truly reconstruct the world of Divergent! It was at that time when I had complete trust that the people that were making the movie would stay true to the book.

3. Theo’s PearRemember that? Yeah, we do! It was our last day on set ( 🙁 ) and we had one interview left before heading off to the airport… Theo James himself (Four). We thought, “Ok, we’ll talk to Theo, get our interview and leave” same old, same old… Not! First off, Theo came in full Four costume (tattoos and everything!) *swoon*. He walked in eating a pear and kept eating it throughout the interview. We didn’t think much of the fruit at first but it wasn’t until he left that the pear had its 15 minutes of fame! Theo had to get back to work after a very short interview and he completely forgot his pear. Like the weirdos fangirls that we are, we completely obsessed over the pear and it immediately became huge within the fandom! “Theo’s Pear” accounts were created and the photos of a half eaten pear went immediately viral.

The best part however was that when Theo came back to finish the interview (since the first one was very short) he was heading back to our table and sees the pear where he left it:

“Oh, my pear!” grabs it and finishes eating it. Little did he know!!

4. The Costumes


When we visited the costumes room, I was immediately in awe by all the hard work and beauty that went into these pieces. There were so many workers carefully making each and every costume as well as endless racks of faction clothing! We were able to see some Divergent extras fittings and see early sketches of the costumes. It was all very surreal as we visited before any photos of the costumes were released.

5. The Concept Art Room

The concept art room was probably my favorite part of the whole visit. We got to see a really early look at how the sets would look in the future. The concept art looked like it had been ripped off Veronica’s book because it was exactly how she described it. We also got to see a first look at the movie faction symbols. They weren’t quite finished yet but it took us by surprise since we had no idea that they were going to be changed for the movie! It was like seeing hundreds of movie stills before the movie was even produced. Absolutely incredible!

6. Exploring Chicago


Of course, you can’t just take a Divergent fan to Chicago and not expect them to explore the city! The day we got there, we immediately set off to explore and look for the outside sets! We found the outside Abnegation sets (read more about that experience here!), the Bean, the Sear’s Tower (where the zipline takes place) and of course, the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel!


(Ferris Wheel Dystopian RUST!)

When we got on the ferris wheel, we could still see some rust left over from the filming that had taken place there. Only Divergent fans would get excited over rust!


(Divergent Fans, Me & Divergent Society… The “L” Train is right behind us!)

And of course, we couldn’t leave Chicago without riding a real L TRAIN! So that’s exactly what we did. I’m pretty sure the locals thought we were a little crazy for being incredibly excited to write the L trains! Whatever, we felt just as Dauntless as Tris 😉

So make sure to tune back starting tomorrow for all of our interviews from set! We will be releasing 2 a day so check back soon!