Tickets for DIVERGENT went on sale yesterday and it looks like sales are off to an amazing start! Fandango‘s latest press release informs us that Divergent sold half of the tickets for the day and are already outpacing the first days of Twilight sales! That is a huge accomplishment for the Divergent movie. Check out the article below:

Advance tickets for “Divergent” went on sale on Fandango yesterday, and even though the action-adventure film doesn’t open until March 21, it sold nearly half of the site’s tickets for the day (outselling the next biggest seller for the day by nearly 5 to 1). Its first days of sales are outpacing the first ‘Twilight’ movie at the same point in the sales cycle, thereby ranking “Divergent” as one of Fandango’s top opening day sellers for an advance ticketing wide release.

“’Divergent’ is off to a fantastic start,” says Dave Karger, Chief Correspondent for Fandango. “Its first-day ticket sales are showing all the signs of a blockbuster in the making. Veronica Roth’s gripping story combined with effective marketing have resulted in a movie with strong want-to-see sentiment among its core audience.”

According to a Fandango’s 2014 Hot List survey, “Divergent” is one the top five most anticipated movies of the year, and the film’s co-star Theo James was voted by moviegoers as one “2014’s Biggest Break-Out Movie Stars.”

If you haven’t yet purchased your tickets, you can buy them here!

We can’t wait until the DIVERGENT movie is released on March 21, 2014!