According to Fandango, DIVERGENT is making more than 80% of its ticket sales for this coming weekend. This means that DIVERGENT will have a huge opening weekend and taking into account that the movie opens TONIGHT, these are great news to hear. The following statistics are from Fandango’s moviegoer survey:

As of Tuesday night, DIVERGENT is generating more than 80% of Fandango’s sales for the coming weekend.

Fandango surveyed over 1,000 of its “Divergent” ticket buyers and discovered that:
*93% plan to go on opening weekend;
*66% plan to go with a group of friends;
*61% say the film’s soundtrack increased their interest in seeing “Divergent;”
*56% were attracted to the movie’s unique concept, 29% to the action, only 15% to the romance;
*54% have read Veronica Roth’s entire “Divergent” trilogy;
*50% would pick the “Dauntless” faction, 19% Amity, 15% Erudite, 10% Abnegation, 6% Candor;
*74% plan to buy the film on DVD, blu-ray or digital download.

In addition to this, DIVERGENT is topping Fandango’s “fanticipation” meter, beating “Muppets Most Wanted” which also opens on March 21st:



So if you haven’t purchased your tickets, make sure to do so here and you can also get really cool DIVERGENT limited edition gift cards here! Make sure to watch DIVERGENT when it is released in theaters TONIGHT!