If you have followed fandoms in the past years, you know that we can count on target to have a special edition of DVDs and Soundtracks. Target sure didn’t disappoint this time as they are releasing a beautiful DVD featuring new cover art as well as an extra disc with 45 minutes of exclusive content from Target, Divergent Temporary Tattoos and more. If you get this version of the DVD, you also get a Four fleece blanket with the order!

Although there are no release dates yet on the Target website, we are assuming this DVD will be released around the same date as the regular Divergent DVD: August 5th. For more info. on that, check out yesterday’s post on the release of the DVD here!

You can pre-order your DVD for $27.99 at Target here!



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We cannot wait to get our hands on this DVD!

Thanks to TrisandFour for the heads up on these news!

Images owned by Target.