Summit Entertainment has just announced that Rosa Salazar will be joining the cast of INSURGENT as Lynn, a Dauntless born initiate who plays a key part in the story line:


From DivergentWiki:

At first, the only thing Tris notices in Lynn is her shaved head. But then, when her hair grows back a bit, Tris realizes how pretty Lynn actually is, saying she’s “striking without trying to be”. She has golden-brown eyes, a delicate nose and full lips, with an eyebrow piercing. During initiation, she has shaved her hair and started to wear clothes that hide her curvy figure, because the Dauntless boys didn’t see her as a threat because she was a girl. Lynn most likely isn’t tall, since she’s described as being only a few inches taller than Tris. She has a tough attitude and a mischievous sense of humor.

We are very excited to be hearing more casting news! What do you think of Rosa as Lynn? Let us know in the comments below!